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VAT Refunds

Foreign VAT Refunds

An estimated €20 billion in VAT goes unclaimed by companies each year and instead of finding its way back to your company’s bank account it remains in the treasuries of the European Union States. This proves VAT reclaim is definitely worth the time and effort. However, there are a number of challenges which need to…

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Aviation Tax

Europe Union legislation offers fuel tax exemptions and certain operating expenses to holders of air operator certificates (AOC) or air carrier certificates (ACC). The tax exemption has applicability to both airlines and other general business aircraft operators. This VAT will most often be charged at the point of sale, to be claimed back later. The recovery process itself…

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Mineral Oil Tax

Mineral Oil Tax is an Excise duty which is levied on the delivery of fuel to Aircrafts and can appear on the invoice under different names such as MOT, TIPP, TICPE, Excise Tax, Excise Duty, Energy Tax, Oil Tax, Fuel Tax, depending on the country where the refuel took place. Though it can be a significant surcharge to the…

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Supplier Refund

When doing international business, it is very possible that a supplier issued to your business, invoices that contain wrong charged VAT for some of the services delivered. Where a customer believes that a supplier has wrongly charged them VAT, their remedy is to bring a claim against their supplier. This is a commercial matter and…

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