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Foreign VAT Refunds

Foreign VAT Refunds

An estimated €20 billion in VAT goes unclaimed by companies each year and instead of finding its way back to your company’s bank account it remains in the treasuries of the European Union States. This proves VAT reclaim is definitely worth the time and effort. However, there are a number of challenges which need to be overcome to ensure successful VAT reclaim.

Most European countries offer VAT refunds on certain goods or services purchased while on business trips. Most of the expenses specifically related to travel and entertainment and non-travel-related expenses such as employee relocation and training courses in some Member States qualify for VAT refunds.

Under the VAT refund scheme, to be eligible for VAT refund an entity should not be VAT-registered or established in the countries from which they are making the claims. All claims must be filed according to the local rules and are audited by the local tax authorities.

Level can maximize your VAT refund, while in the same time reducing your administrative effort and costs to the minimum possible.

Our advanced operating systems and specified working standards, combined with Level local know-how offers an efficient processing time and a consistently high VAT recovery rate.

Our local partners are familiar with the local laws of the respective country, communicate with the tax authorities in the local language and simultaneously act as your tax representative in all countries where this may be necessary.

Level can help you to reclaim VAT, which significantly reduce your overseas cost and increase your cash flow. The usual services on which VAT can be reclaimed include:

  • hotel and accommodation
  • restaurant meals
  • telephone bills
  • exhibition, event and conference costs
  • trade fairs
  • marketing and promotional costs
  • car rental (but please note that you can only reclaim 50% of the VAT charged for hiring or leasing a motor car)
  • petrol / diesel, and road tolls
  • equipment and tooling purchases
  • certain professional fees
  • other goods and services that you buy and use in EU.

Our specialists will help you in the following areas:

  • Analysis of your VAT reclaim options
  • Procurement and provision of all relevant and recoverable VAT receipts from your Accounts Department through trained Level employees
  • telephone bills
  • In-house training of your staff on the procurement and provision of all relevant and recoverable VAT receipts from your Accounts Department
  • Contacting suppliers for corrections/adjustments for foreign invoices (incorrect or missing details such as your complete company address)
  • Contacting suppliers to obtain credit notes in the event of VAT being wrongly or incorrectly charged.

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